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   Conflict happens – in almost every relationship – and results in either brokenness or greater understanding.  If ignored or handled inappropriately, conflict will create an environment of anger, distrust and broken agreements.  But if dealt with effectively, the parties can reach a mutually satisfying solution affecting both the present conflict and future issues.  By utilizing an effective mediator, a difficult conversation can turn into a meaningful discussion leading to the clarification of issues, the exploration of options and the formulation of long-term, realistic solutions.

   Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which parties in conflict generate their own resolution under the impartial guidance of professional mediators.  While it is non-binding on its own, when formalized through the court system, it is most often an effective and long-term solution to a difficult situation.

The Benefits of Mediation:
   Mediation is becoming an effective alternative for resolving issues because of its benefits over traditional litigation or negotiation.  Through mediation,

  • The parties control the process and their own decisions.
  • The parties are far more likely to comply with their final agreements.  (In divorce situations, post-divorce conflict, with potential litigation and additional costs, is less likely to occur).
  • Resolution is typically reached faster than through litigation.
  • The process is usually less expensive than litigation.

   Mediation is effective in divorce and family situations as well as in resolving business disputes, landlord/tenant disagreements, employment grievances and neighbor relations.  With the assistance of an effective mediator, clients can plan for their own future, limit the financial and emotional cost of conflict, and formulate solutions that fit their specific needs and concerns.

Mediation at The Relationship Center:  

   The Relationship Center offers a solution conducive to conflict resolution through the combination of an encouraging environment, an effective mediator and affordable rates.

   As a mediator, Mike Siri has close to 30 years of experience through his work in the marketplace, education, government and church.  He recently completed the intensive five-day Family and Divorce Mediation Training course offered by DePaul University Continuing and Professional Education Department.  (The course satisfies the 40-hour training requirement to be listed as a court-certified mediator in Illinois.)

   Through Mike’s expertise in relationships, mediation agreements are often reached in conjunction with relationship reconciliation where appropriate.  In addition, other services such as coaching or mentoring are available after the mediation process is completed.

   The Relationship Center is a community benefit organization with a 501c3 exemption through the IRS.   The suggested donation for mediation services through The Relationship Center are predicated upon the clients’ financial situation.

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