The Relationship Center

    Often our life-journey is hindered by an event of brokenness or misunderstanding which causes us to receive information and make decisions through unhealthy filters.  It often takes the help of a trained professional to identify and remove these unhealthy filters.  This therapy is a process of self-exploration and understanding where individual or group sessions are facilitated by a specially trained mental health clinician in a safe environment.  Through these sessions you can come to better understand and examine various aspects of your life and learn how to build new and healthier relationships.

  The Relationship Center has developed relationships with a number of area counselors who are available and capable of providing this service.  We rely on the consultation of Diane Siri of Iris Counseling Center to connect individuals with the best resource for their need.

Contact Diane for further information:

Confidential Phone Number (847) 337-1667

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109 S. Main Street, Wauconda, IL 60084  /  (847) 337-1659