The Relationship Center

   SOZO is the Greek word translated “saved, healed, delivered.”  The tools of Sozo ministry are used in conjunction with the guidance of Holy Spirit to lead us into wholeness of spirit, soul and body.  The result is often a greater revelation of Truth and freedom in our intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

   At The Relationship Center, we utilize the tools of Sozo in conjunction with our other personal development programs.  We have seen amazing results when used alongside or within our counseling or coaching sessions. 

   Mike Siri is our in-house Sozo facilitator, having been trained in Basic Sozo through ministry leaders from Bethel Church.  Currently Mike utilizes the Sozo tools in his coaching sessions and as a supplement to counseling sessions through Iris Counseling Center.  In addition, Mike is connected to other Sozo facilitators in the area when referral is appropriate.


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