The Relationship Center
About Us

   The Relationship Center was created through a vision given to Mike and Diane Siri to create a Holy Sanctuary where relationships with self, God and others could be restored, nourished and celebrated

    After 25 years in the corporate world, Mike realized that he wasn’t pursuing his passion of developing and nurturing God honoring relationships.  As he began down a path focused on significance rather than success, a vision began to form of a family retreat center.

   Around the same time, Diane completed her master’s degree and received her credentials as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  As she began to build her practice, she realized much of her work was also around relationships – helping individuals, couples and families restore broken relationships or recover from difficult ones.  She also began to receive a vision of a place where the focus was on restoring, nurturing and celebrating relationships.

   They processed and prayed about their thoughts and ideas, and worked together with an advisory team – and The Relationship Center began to take shape.  As it became clear that the direction was first and foremost on creating a “place” which was safe and welcoming where the Spirit of love and joy was felt the moment someone walked in the front door, the verse from Exodus 25:8 became the focus:  

“Then have them make a sanctuary for me,
   and I will dwell among them.”

    Over the next few months, they completed the process of preparing a business plan, forming a board, incorporating, receiving a 501c3 exemption from the IRS, and finding a location. 

   On May 29th, 2010, the doors to The Relationship Center were opened for the first time.  And although they were only conducting a rummage sale to raise funds for the needed build-out of counseling and office space, the conversations that occurred from the very beginning as people wandered in were incredible.  Without provocation, strangers freely shared the pain and joy of their relationships.

    Over the next few months, through the generous donations of time and money from friends and family, the build-out was completed for the official opening in December of 2010. 

   Since then, The Relationship Center has touched hundreds of lives as relationships with self, God and others have been restored, nourished and celebrated.